October 2009 Project: The Flat Heads

Rabbit is a lover, not a fighter. She has a tendency to get her heart broken. She recently split up with her boyfriend but is doing her best to put a brave face on. Some of her friends are slightly worried about her mental well being but Rabbit insists that she is FINE. Rabbit has found that trips out in the city and dressing up like the undead is a great way to take your mind off things!

Rabbit’s biggest fear is that she might never fall in love again. So, Rabbit has given herself a limit of 5 years to find Mr Right and if she doesn't, she plans on joining a convent in the Russian mountains and helping less fortunate Rabbits keep warm at night. Failing that, she's going to buy a boyfriend on the internet. It'll all work out in the end so long as she keeps smiling.

  • Hot Dog time!
  • Rabbit hailing a cab
  • I love NYC
  • Rabbit Mummy
  • Rabbit Mummy at night
  • Rabbit Mummy and Skeleted