January 2010 Project: The Flat Heads

Monkey is the life and soul of the party. Following a traumatic childhood, where she was abandoned by her ballet teacher due to her inability to plié, Monkey threw caution to the wind and decided to make a name for herself as a professional dancer. Unknown to Monkeys nearsighted ballet master, Monkey had a secret dancing weapon. Her dancing chin. By wiggling and bopping her chin in time to the beat she soon picked up many admirers. Before long politicians, footballers, artists, drifters, vagrants etc all wanted to be her friends.

Monkey loved being popular and threw elaborate feasts to entertain all her new friends. Her food is rich, creamy and delicious but always a mushroom free zone. Monkey does not like mushrooms. She isn't sure why. In her nightmares mushrooms chase her through the streets taunting her about being unsuccessful as a ballerina and calling her a sausage lady. Once, during one of these nightmares, she fell out of bed. The Doctor x-rayed her to make sure she was ok and discovered she had a metal plate in her head! He said that nothing can ever damage her little brain. This pleased Monkey to bits. Now she has two special skills – chin dancing and head banging! It's no wonder she's so popular.

  • Avoiding the cops
  • Portrait
  • Monkey and the mushroom monster
  • Ballet
  • Rush hour