Fox Cub

April 2010 Project: The Flat Heads

Fox Cub hasn't always been a good boy. In the past he has been known to dabble in car theft and identity fraud. He was once caught impersonating Nelson Mandela at a charity event. Fortunately, a bouncer realised that Foxy had on incorrect footwear and he was promptly thrown out. But that's all in the past. Fox Cub is a good boy now... he promises.

He currently makes an honest living as a Restaurateur. All his pasta dishes come served with a banana. His favourite dish is spaghetti bolognese but he hasn't quite mastered making it yet. His ex-girlfriend won't give him her secret recipe. This annoys Foxy, but he has a cunning plan to get it back. He won't say what the plan is only that revenge is a dish best served cold... with a banana.

  • Driving home
  • Hanging in Harlem
  • Impersonating Mandela
  • Noming
  • No trespassing
  • Waiting for the train
  • Worn out