August 2010 Project: The Flat Heads

Runaway Dog will try his luck on any given opportunity but is a firm believer in Karma. He recently found someone’s suitcase on a train and felt he ought to make the most of the bag’s contents or Karma might punish him.

He tried on the ladies underwear but it was a tad large. He tried wearing the make up, but it wasn’t really his style. He tried using the hair straighteners but they burnt his head. He wished he had found a man’s suitcase. On the bright side, his guilt subsided once he burnt himself with the hair straighteners and he remembered he ought to be enjoying himself instead of feeling bad!

Runaway dog likes going on little adventures in search of his true self. He has yet to find it, but has tried out many other “selfs” in the process. He recently hopped on a train and found himself in the middle of Gay Pride. Finally the make-up, underwear and hair straighteners came in handy and he made lots of new friends. Surely that would have pleased Karma!

Life isn’t bad for a lost puppy with a free spirit, a bag of swag and no rules to shackle him down. So, on with the next adventure, maybe this time he’ll find a “self” to suit him, until that time he’s decided he quite likes wearing ladies underwear. He has never known comfort like it.

  • I love climbing
  • Born to ride
  • Hollywood dog
  • We love climing!
  • Subway skating
  • Dog at Pride
  • A room with a view
  • Skating on Brooklyn Bridge
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