November 2009 Project: The Flat Heads

Just like the Queen, Cat loves tea. There aren't many problems that can't be resolved over a cup of tea and a slice of home-made cake. If Cat gets in to an altercation, she likes to sit the other party down and force feed them cake until they agree that she was right (and that they were obviously wrong).

That's how a good Queen leads.

Like most Queens, Cat likes to be made a fuss of - especially on her birthday. She always has at least two parties to mark the occasion. This gives her subjects ample time to celebrate her existence.

Cat is beautiful and puts this achievement down to getting a lot of beauty sleep. She has a tendency to nod off whenever she sits down. Fortunately, none of her enemies to the throne have noticed this flaw - they're too busy eating her cake. As Cat always says "It's hard to put up a fight when you have a face full of cake". Cunning Cat. Very cunning.

  • A lovey cup of tea
  • Getting ready for Burlesque night
  • Cat in New York
  • Downtown
  • In the hotel
  • Waiting for a train