December 2010 Project: The Flat Heads

Biopus is the King of the Sea (in his opinion). He has never actually been to the Sea, but he's fairly confident he could conquer it given half a chance.

He currently resides in London and regularly discusses his quest for glory with his twin brother whilst traveling on the tube. One day his brother suggested that Biopus visit some local waters and conquer them first before he attempted to win the Sea. So, Biopus headed for the countryside and found himself on a canal in Oxford . Once there, he donned his pirate attire and secured himself a houseboat whilst it's owners were at the pub.

Now armed with a boat, a pirate hat and the will to conquer the Oceans wide, he set off into the sunset to follow his dream... and has unfortunately not been heard from since.

  • On the tube with his brother
  • The pirate of Oxford
  • Walking the plank
  • Stuck in the phone box
  • Stuck in the door